Privacy Policy

The terms that came with features such as search boxes, embedded video from sites like YouTube, and other third party content on my websites require me to include a privacy policy. The author of this privacy policy is not interested in any data that may identify you or track your web surfing behaviour, but third parties such as Google will try to gather information about you and your web surfing behaviour.

For the purpose of this privacy policy, "third party" means anyone except you (the visitor) and me (the author).

Several third parties provide server space, bandwidth, advertisements, page visit statistics, hotlinked or embedded content, and other data, material, and services to my sites. These third parties may use cookies, scripts, invisible images (called "web beacons" by Google) and other methods to collect whatever data you, your computer, and your internet provider are willing to share with those who ask for it. Some or all of these third parties may choose to share some or all of that information with me.

For example, as a side effect of gathering general information on the number and geographical distribution of visitors, my current site statistics provider may show me the IP addresses of the most recent visitors to my sites.

If you follow links to third party sites, or if you allow their embedded content to load or run, the privacy policies (if any) of these third party sites apply. Those policies may be different from this one, and it is your own responsibility to locate and read those policies. Feel free to search or browse the HTML code of the pages on my site to see which third party sites may be aware of your visits. Third parties that provide code, content, or other material are responsible for (the behaviour of) their own code, content, or other material. By browsing any or all of my websites you acknowledge that I am not in any way liable or responsible for (the behaviour of) any code, content, or other material from third parties, no matter what the consequences may be.

Google, StatCounter, and YouTube are among the third parties that may provide content or services to my sites and collect information about my visitors.

If you don't want to view content from or share information with third parties, you have several options to avoid doing so. You can erase cookies and temporary files from your browser cache during or after browsing sessions, you can block java- and other scripts, you can change your IP address if your internet provider allows you to do so, you can use all sorts of content blocking applications, you can use non-transparent proxy servers, and there may be even more methods that let you minimise the amount of information that third parties may gather from your activities online. To control advertisements from Google visit and

It is easier to protect your privacy with a browser like Firefox than with Internet Explorer. There are a number of ways to block the tracking activities of advertisers and other third party content providers, including but not limited to the use of proxy servers and software to block or filter all sorts of content.

WebWasher Classic and Adblock for Firefox can block advertisements and other content. A Google search can point you in the right direction.